Membership is open to all International, National, Area and Local Foreign Bird Specialist Societies, whose aims are shared with those of the Federation on payment of an appropriate annual fee, decided and approved at the Annual General Meeting.

Subscriptions fall due on 1st January and any member society not having paid their subscription by the 31st March shall be deemed to have resigned, and will no longer receive representation from the Federation until their membership fees are received.

The Foreign Bird Federation has no individual membership facility. However, a list of FBF affiliated member societies will be maintained, and available from the FBF Honorary Secretary, by individuals on receipt of a S.A.E.. It is up to the individual member societies to furnish the FBF secretary with up to date details of subscription rates and benefits.

Each affiliated society shall be entitled to appoint TWO delegates to attend all Council meetings, the AGM or an EGM, where they may speak on all matters, and be entitled to one vote each on any matter seeking approval. In the event of only one delegate attending on behalf of a society, then he or she will be entitled to two votes on behalf of the society - no other proxy votes will be allowed.

Membership of Council shall be limited to two delegates from each member society.

Officers will be selected from Council Delegate Nominees at the AGM/EGM and will be elected / appointed annually. Federation Officers to consist of Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Exchange and Mart Secretary, Breeding Registrar.

Four delegate members, may attend and vote on behalf of the Federation at any National Council for Aviculture meeting.

Carolina drake Golden-rumped tinkerbird
Carolina drake Aix sponsa - photo by David Jones (left) and Golden-rumped tinkerbird Pogoniulus bilineatus - photo by Jonathan Beilby (right)


Any society or club wishing to join or obtain more information about membership please contact the Honorary Secretary:

Dennis Webster, 89 Melbourne Rd, Royston, Herts., SG8 7DG.

A Membership Application / Renewal form can be downloaded and printed out here.

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