Why the International Turaco Society joined the Foreign Bird Federation

The International Turaco Society is affiliated to the Foreign Bird Federation to help create, and hopefully benefit from, the combined voice with which the Federation represents the interests of foreign bird keepers, including turaco keepers, both within the NCA and in the wider world, for instance in communication with UK governments. The society was actively involved in the reactivation of the Federation, and continues to make an active contribution, particularly through the establishment and running of the Federation website. ITS also has a conservation fund which supports research and conservation projects on turacos in the wild.

International Turaco Society Aims & Objectives

In January 1993 a group of turaco enthusiasts met at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, Burford and the International Turaco Society was formed. Anyone interested in any aspect of keeping or breeding turacos is welcome to join.
The International Turaco Society aims to research and promote good husbandry practices; support conservation projects that have an impact on wild populations and unite turaco enthusiasts around the world.

International Turaco Society membership details

The membership fee is £15 per annum for members from anywhere in the World if you want your magazines posted to you.
If however, you would like magazines only sent by e-mail as pdfs, then membership is £10 per annum Worldwide.

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year.

There is a magazine published twice a year, which contains articles and information about meetings, news items and a 'Wanted & For Sale' page, free to members.

International Turaco Society contact details

The society has a website: which displays turaco information for the general public, but also has a 'Members' only area.

There is an AGM in the Spring and the committee usually also have a meeting prior to the A.G.M. In addition, visits to private and public collections, which may include turacos, are arranged.


      I.T.S. Chairman, Webmaster, Membership and Treasurer:
      David Jones
      Walnut Tree Cottage
      Popes Hill
      GL14 1LD
      Tel: 01452 760420

      or via the website:


International Turaco Society


The International Turaco Society

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