Why has the FBL joined the FBF?

The FBL was one of the founder members of the FBF when it began in 1984 and has been part of the FBF since then, working to achieve the FBF goals.

As a group the FBL was also instrumental in calling for the extraordinary meeting to kick start the FBF again in June 2006.

It is vital that all foreign bird keepers work as one.

FBL Aims and objectives

The Foreign Bird League has been in existence since 1932 and has published magazines every year since, including the war years.

The FBL wants to encourage the in-depth study of all foreign birds – their keeping, breeding, conservation and exhibition.

Foreign Bird League


FBL Membership information:

Membership rates are as follows: Individuals £15; Partnerships / Families £18; Juniors / Senior Citizens £12; Life Members (over 65 only) £75; Overseas £18 sterling.

Subs run from January to December annually.

We publish quarterly magazines with 44 avian, information packed, pages with hardly any advertisements at all (Issued in Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter).

All new members receive a pack of back issues of our magazines, plus all the current year's magazines.

We have in place a breeders' award scheme, patronage awards and we also organise visits to bird keepers when this can be arranged.

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