1. NAME:
1:1 The name of the organisation is The Foreign Bird Federation. The official address shall be as decided by Council and will appear on all correspondence and promotional material.

2:1 By consensus among affiliated Foreign Bird Societies the FBF will be the "Umbrella Organisation" for foreign bird keeping. Such status specifically excludes any authority over the internal affairs of any affiliated society.

3:1 Provide an efficient service for the benefit of all Federation Member Societies on all matters that appertain to the traditional keeping of foreign birds.
3:2 Promote and further the conservation in aviculture and the exhibition of foreign birds by encouraging breeding under managed conditions.
3:3 Collate and make information on breeding results available to aviculturists and other interested parties as required.
3:4 Support LEGITIMATE SUSTAINABLE TRADE with exporting countries in line with endangered species regulations covered by CITES.
3:5 Encourage and support the setting-up of a "fair-trade agreement" with exporting countries.
3:6 Make direct representation to government committees, organisations or bodies which relate to foreign birds and their welfare.
3:7 Seek assurance from relevant authorities that the legitimate exercise of freedom to enjoy aviculture, shall not be restricted without full consultation and consideration of representations made by the Federation on behalf of its member societies.
3:8 Receive and administer funds and donations to the benefit of all Federation Member Societies from any non-member body.

4:1 Membership is open to all International, National, Area and Local Foreign Bird Specialist Societies whose aims are shared with those of the Federation on payment of an appropriate annual fee decided and approved at the Annual General Meeting.
4:2 Subscriptions fall due on 1st January and any member society not having paid their subscription by the 31st March shall be deemed to have resigned, and will no longer receive representation from the Federation until their membership renewal fees are received.
4:3 The Foreign Bird Federation has no individual membership facility. However, a list of FBF affiliated member societies will be maintained and available from the FBF Honorary Secretary by individuals on receipt of a S.A.E. It is the responsibility of individual member societies to furnish the FBF Secretary with up to date details of subscription rates and benefits.

5:1 Each affiliated society shall be entitled to appoint two delegates to attend Council meetings, the AGM or an EGM, where they may speak on all matters, and be entitled to one vote each on any matter seeking approval.
5:2 In the event of only one delegate attending on behalf of a society, then he or she will be entitled to two votes on behalf of that society - no other proxy votes will be allowed. In the event of equality Chair will have the deciding vote.

6:1 Membership of Council shall be limited to two delegates from each member society.
6:2 Officers of the society will consists of: Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Exchange & Mart Secretary, Breeding Registrar.
6:3 Officers will be selected from Council Delegate Nominees at the AGM/EGM. All officers shall be elected/appointed annually, and officers who do not attend a minimum of one meeting per annum will not be eligible for re-election.
6:4 A minimum of six Council members including at least two officers shall form a quorum and no business requiring voting shall be conducted in the absence of such a quorum at any meeting.
6:5 The day to day activities of the Federation shall be carried out by the Honorary Secretary and Chair - who it is understood act on behalf of Council, with the proviso that a full council meeting will be convened by them as necessary on specific, unexpected or urgent issues, bearing in mind venue, travel and time restraints.
6:6 Sub-committees or working parties may only be convened by permission of Council, an AGM or EGM.
6:7 The Federation will register with the Data Protection Register as and when required.

7:1 Voting and Attendance at meetings:
7:1:1 Apologies for non-attendance should be received prior to the meeting. All matters shall be decided by a simple majority vote of members present, the Chair having an additional casting vote in the event of equality. Each person attending meetings, whether as Delegate or Officer shall be entitled to one vote only, the Chair having an additional casting vote in the event of equality. Apart from Proxy voting as per rule 5 no other proxy or postal votes will be permitted.

7:2 Annual General Meeting:
7:2:1 An Annual General Meeting open to two delegates of affiliated member societies of the Federation shall be held by the 30th of April in the new financial year.
7:2:2 Receive and approve the minutes of the previous AGM and deal with any matters arising not already dealt with by Council.
7:2:3 Receive the Chair and Honorary Secretary's Reports.
7:2:4 Receive and Approve the Treasurer's Report and Accounts.
7.2:5 Receive and Approve the Breeding Registrar's Report.
7.2:6 To elect Officers for the coming year.
7.2:7 To appoint two Auditors from Council.
7:2:8 To determine affiliation fees for the next financial year.

7:3 Extraordinary General Meeting:
7:3:1 An EGM of the Foreign Bird Federation may be called by Council, or by three member societies submitting a written proposal to the Honorary Secretary stating their reason(s).
7:3:2 An EGM must take place within 90 days of the proposal being received at a time and place as determined by Council.
7:3:3 The Honorary Secretary will contact all society delegates and their Secretary by post, with a minimum of 30 days notice of the meeting and the reasons for calling an EGM. The meeting date, time and place will also be published in Cage and Aviary Birds by the Publicity Officer.

7:4 Council Meetings:
7:4:1 A minimum of three meetings per year including the AGM shall be held at such a place and time as the members shall agree, or failing agreement, as determined by the Chair and Honorary Secretary, who shall have regard to the convenience of members.
7:4:2 Input is required and expected from all affiliated member societies on all matters affecting them who will be contacted in writing by the Honorary Secretary. A time limit of no greater than one month will be placed on affiliated member societies for replies to correspondence. Unless indicated otherwise by an individual society, it will be assumed if no reply is received within the said time-frame they agree (or not as the case may be) - and the will of the majority will prevail.
7:4:3 At the first Council Meeting following the AGM or EGM the draft minutes shall be reviewed and action taken if required.

8:1 The Financial Year shall run from 1st January to 31st December. The financial records shall be available for scrutiny by the Auditors ready for the AGM no later than 31st January.
8:2 All monies received by the Foreign Bird Federation will be the responsibility of the Council, and be administered by the Treasurer.
8:3 All monies shall be kept in an account at a national bank approved by Council and shall be in the name of the Foreign Bird Federation. A small petty cash float may be maintained for incidental payments, but full accountability will still apply.
8:4 The Treasurer shall pay all bills, keep a proper account thereof, present up-to-date records at meetings, and annual accounts for auditing by two representatives of its member societies for presentation at the AGM/EGM.
8:5 Cheques drawn on the account must be signed by two (of three) named signatories of the Foreign Bird Federation these being: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

9:1 Minutes of all Council meetings, the AGM, or an EGM shall be sent to Delegates, and Secretaries of all affiliated societies for information and feedback. It is the responsibility of the affiliated society to contact individual committee members of their society, and for any feedback received to be communicated in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the Foreign Bird Federation in the required time-frame, in order that any items requiring action can be progressed.

10:1 Constitution Rules may only be altered at an AGM/EGM of the Foreign Bird Federation and must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 30 days in advance of the date of the AGM/EGM to allow for inclusion on the Agenda.
10:2 A motion to amend the rules shall require a two thirds majority of those present at the AGM/EGM for voting to be carried. Any Rule change(s) shall be effective from the end of the AGM/EGM at which they are passed.

11:1 Should a resolution to dissolve the Foreign Bird Federation be passed by a two-thirds majority at an AGM/EGM, then the decision must be reviewed at a special meeting called for that purpose.
11:2 Should the decision be ratified at the special meeting, then the distribution of any funds remaining after all debts have been honoured, will be divided equally between fully paid-up member societies.

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