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Today, after a meeting of like minded progressive Foreign Bird Keeping Clubs and Societies in June 2006, The Foreign Bird Federation is well advanced in establishing itself as the 'umbrella' organisation for keepers of foreign birds and has a revisited and revamped the existing constitution to better reflect its objectives and address the many challenges that lie ahead.

At the 2007 A.G.M. of The National Council for Aviculture a resolution was passed for a new constitution to become effective and this has provided a much clearer objective, which is to represent aviculture at the highest levels i.e. government and their departments.

However, to enable this to happen has meant a restructuring of the organisation and as such renders it 'fit for purpose', its operating structure now incorporates four main groups, Budgerigars, Canaries, British and Foreign Birds.

The Foreign Bird Federation has been recognised and appointed by the NCA as the “Umbrella Society” having four representative voting seats, for the Foreign Bird Group. In achieving this position the FBF is now suitably positioned to make a significant contribution to the future of our hobby and very much wants all involved in the fancy to be apart of.

Extracts from the Constitution of the Foreign Bird Federation:

By consensus among affiliated Foreign Bird Societies the FBF will be the "Umbrella Organisation" for foreign bird keeping. Such status specifically excludes any authority over the internal affairs of any affiliated society.


  • Provide an efficient service for the benefit of all Federation Member Societies on all matters that appertain to the traditional keeping of foreign birds.
  • Promote and further the conservation in aviculture and the exhibition of foreign birds by encouraging breeding under managed conditions.
  • Collate and make information on breeding results available to aviculturists and other interested parties as required.
  • Support LEGITIMATE SUSTAINABLE TRADE with exporting countries in line with endangered species regulations covered by CITES.
  • Encourage and support the setting-up of a "Fair-trade agreement" with exporting countries.
  • Make direct representation to government committees, organisations or bodies which relate to foreign birds and their welfare.
  • Seek assurance from relevant authorities that the legitimate exercise of freedom to enjoy aviculture, shall not be restricted without full consultation and consideration of representations made by the federation on behalf of its member societies.
  • Receive and administer funds and donations to the benefit of all Federation Member Societies from any non-member body.

Full Constitution - click here.

If you are interested in keeping foreign birds and would like to be a part of the Foreign Bird Federation you can do so, but you must do so through an affiliated club or society. You can view the different clubs and societies on this website, and contact them directly for membership details.

Remember also that only those Clubs and Societies listed as being affiliated to the Foreign Bird Federation are approved by the FBF, the National Council for Aviculture and which in turn represent the hobby at government levels.

Further details of the Foreign Bird Federation can be had by viewing the membership page, or by contacting the Acting Hon Secretary Dennis Webster.

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